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How to conquer sexual fullness


How to conquer sexual fullness

Athens escorts analyse the 8 ways that can keep sexual desire alive!

On the occasion of the movie “It’s Never Too Late“, which I saw a few days ago in the cinema, I began to analyze the feeling of sexual fullness. Even “non-beginners” in sex may need help at some point in their lives to regain their rhythm and lost sexual desire.

The film showed the effort of a married (for 31 years) couple, to rediscover the communication, passion and emotional fullness that were lost over the years. They turned to a therapist (I like these movies) who based much of his treatment on the theory that even forced physical contact can lead to sexual desire and emotional communication. As my friend Easter would say who uses endless proverbs “eating brings appetite“…

Usually after some important life events, such as a pregnancy (or even during it), after a difficult separation, after infidelity or after a health problem, the sexual desire can decrease. However, it seems difficult in many cases to maintain high levels in a long-term relationship.

While we were watching the movie, my husband whispered to me, “This is never going to happen to us.” I immediately thought “I know. That will not happen to us. ” However, because I never dwell on my first thought (the luck and misfortune of the psychologist), after a while I wondered what I need to do or not do to prevent alienation and reduction of sexual desire, but also how to deal with it in in case it happens to me.

I came up with the following about sexual fullness:

1. Do not hesitate to say and show your partner what you like and what you do not

Our sexual preferences are crucial to our sexual satisfaction. Also, be interested in learning about him. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. His answer will show you what he likes and so you will know about the future.

2. If you are very much together, try to spend some time together

If you are very apart, try to spend more quality time together, doing something that satisfies both. Notice what works for you and repeat it.

3. I understand that whether I feel attractive or not is entirely up to me and I am not influenced by the comments of others

If I do not feel beautiful, this feeling does not change as many compliments as I receive, as well as the opposite. If I feel beautiful, I will hardly be commented on by others. The same goes for pretty much everyone. So, I suggest you do not leave yourself, no matter what it means to you. However, do not forget that there is no perfect person, inside or outside the bedroom.

So he chased thoughts like “I have to lose weight before I have sex again“. Negative voices need to be silenced so that you can enjoy your sexual self.

4. Revealing your fantasies to your partner can rekindle your sex life

For couples who distinguish between fantasy and reality in their minds, confessing fantasies is a fascinating experience.

5. “…go away or stop whining…”

This phrase has awakened many women (and men) in their quest to overcome their partner’s infidelity. Many say that after their partner’s infidelity sex – escorts call girls – was a struggle for justice, an attempt to regain control… If you have experienced something like this, forgive yourself for choosing to stay and just start having fun with your partner.

6. Thinking of yourself as a sexual person on a regular and frequent basis

It is like training a special muscle, that of sexual self-confidence, which grows stronger day by day.

7. Sexual messages start in our mind, and then manifest in our body

You do not need physical stimulation to feel sexual arousal. All you need is your mind. Imagine and create your own sexual scenario. If you find yourself cut off from sex, commit to repeating in your mind the scenario that excites you three times a week.

8. Usually, in long-term relationships, sex is not spontaneous

So, you need to plan it. Programming in sex does not sound very stimulating, however, it excites the sexual mental scenarios. You and your partner imagine what might happen on your next date. Your mind is the key to satisfying sex, so relax and have fun!

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