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5 Signs that your sewer is about to clog

5 Signs that your sewer is about to clog

Sewer blockages Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου are a costly sport! About 30 percent of daily water use in Greece comes from the toilet that goes to the sewer system. This means a lot of waste, considering that the Greek uses 329 liters of water every day! But what if there is a blockage in the sewer?

A blockage in the sewer pipes can lead to extensive and expensive repairs. You may have to pay to have the entire sewer line replaced. In addition, you could contaminate your home with raw sewage, which is very dangerous to health.
Sewage waste is a big deal. They affect the plumbing throughout your home and cause real damage. Read the common signs that your sewer system is clogged:

1st Sign that your sewer is about to clog

The toilet bowl does not work properly and does not drain water properly. The toilets have a direct access to the main pipeline. This may be the first bell. This is where you see the problems first. You will probably first see the pipes clogging at the lowest level of the house. Does your toilet make any noises when running water elsewhere, such as the washing machine, sink or bathtub? If so, this is a big sign that you have a drainage problem. You may also find that it takes longer than normal for your toilet to empty. There are cases where noises are heard in the piping.

2nd Sign that your sewer is about to clog

The washing machine causes the toilet to overflow. This sign is unexpected and can make you scratch your head. If you use the washing machine and your toilet overflows, you may have a blockage in the main drain. However, washing machine water can cause blockages in the shower or bathtub. If it does not clog the toilet and the toilet is rinsing well, it may not be a major blockage but due to a sudden water outage in your washing machine (clogging only in the washing machine hose).

3rd Sign that your sewer is about to clog

Strange noises in running water. If you suspect an obstruction, run water from a sink closest to your toilet. If there is an obstruction, air is trapped in your hydraulic system. When you run the sink, you may hear the toilet knocking. You may also see an increase in the toilet water level.

4th Sign that your sewer is about to clog

Obstruction in floor pipes. This type of blockage is quite vague and you will be sure to have a sewer line blocked. If the sewer line becomes clogged, sewage cannot leave your home. This means that when the pipes are finally filled so much, the sewage will be forced to a heroic exit. This practically means that you could find broken pipes and sewage coming from the sewers. You will probably be able to smell the sewage even before it starts to leak.

Sewer blockages. As mentioned above, sewage has to go somewhere. Each house must lead to a sewer area, a septic tank. Its location varies depending on the style of home and your location. The sewer is a space that is connected to the sewer line of your home, so that the plumbers can access any blockages & blockages. Most sewers are located outside your home or if you are not connected to the public grid.

What to do if you suspect a sewer blockage?

Do not run water or flush the toilet. You do not want to add extra water to the sewer system as this can make the problem worse.

You can take extra precautions by turning off the main water supply in the house. This will prevent anyone from accidentally running water or flushing the toilet. Tell everyone in your house that you have a problem and do not let them run out of water.

It is important to call a specialist non-plumbing blocking company right away. This is a problem you want to deal with right away because you do not want to have sewage in your home and extensive damage. This could be a costly and nasty problem. See a list of the best blockage companies.

Is the problem of the City yours?

It is true that the sewer line of your house is connected to the sewer line of the city down the road, so there may be a blockage in the main line. You can find out if it is a city problem by contacting your neighbors, especially those right next door. If there is a blockage in the Central Network you must call the Public Services immediately not Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου. As we said at the beginning, sewer blockages are a costly sport and if you can avoid it it would be good for your pocket!

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