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What is WPO or web performance optimization?

What is WPO or web performance optimization?

In digital marketing, WPO (Web Performance Optimization) covers a variety of concepts to improve the performance and loading speed of a website. It involves the optimization of resources to display the pages, files and content in the shortest possible time. We will also win the favors of the seeker.

The Internet user navigates visiting pages continuously to search for information, compare and select products or services. In this sense, the response time to satisfy your demand is vital and this also improves your user experience. It is something that, logically, scores points when comparing ourselves with the competition.

But what is the WPO?

When you click on a link or type a URL, a variety of events occur in the browser so that it displays a page or web interface. Different programming languages ​​interact with each other and in several layers, sometimes even querying one or more databases.

The structure, its aesthetics, the scripts that house functionalities and all kinds of elements and multimedia content are organized, coordinated and ordered. Priorities are set to ensure rendering and display. That they do it in the best way and above all, in a short time, depends on good judgment and optimization in terms of web design and development, but the performance of the server also influences.

The importance of WPO optimization

The audience or target audience will avoid a website in which every time they click on a section or menu they have to wait several seconds for the next page to load. The longer it takes to load the web, the more the conversion rate, visits and satisfaction of potential customers are reduced. Speed ​​has become one more element within the competition in the network of networks. That is why, with total security, the speed of your website as a whole will benefit the business.

On the other hand, search engines have also realized that the user wants speed and, therefore, they seek to give it. According to Paramarketing, in the case of Google, for example, the company’s goal is that the pages load in less than 1.5 seconds and never in more than 3. The search algorithms prioritize the loading time of the web, therefore it is essential to be fast to achieve a good positioning.

WPO factors that affect loading speed

There are a wide variety of factors that affect load times. These are some of those that we must take into account when applying web positioning techniques with WPO.

The server

There are a wide variety of servers to choose from, but it is important that we look at the details when choosing them. Your storage capacity, disk type, RAM, and data traffic are more important than price. The advantages of dedicated servers over shared servers are another debate.


Web pages can also be compressed. Using Gzip compression we can improve the loading speed of our website. Social networks and many types of online stores use this resource to display their interfaces more quickly. Converge a lot of information from different sources.


This technique implies that our documents, files or images are used by other websites, thus slowing down our server. Blocking this practice will allow us to increase speed.

Using the cache in WPO

That our page stores cache when they visit it allows the next load to be much faster as the user has information on their disk. This is also important in the case of web applications that make heavy use of different types of databases.

The code

It is imperative that our code is as efficient as possible. Optimizing your code by removing blank spaces or unnecessary bytes improves loading. This includes languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript files among others, used in the stages for the design and development of websites.

Reducing the number of elements, modules and components on the pages or dispensing with unnecessary plugins also helps save the browser work and free up memory.
Graphic and multimedia materials

Photographs or infographics should not exceed 100 KB in weight, which is sometimes quite difficult to achieve. To achieve this, it is important that we opt for adequate compression without compromising quality.

It will also be necessary to monitor the loading of video marketing interfaces and other types of multimedia files from the server itself or third party platforms. Be very careful with the external ingredients.

How to fix the problem

Speed ​​tests must be performed to detect performance problems. There are different applications in the cloud to do this, which will show information and indications about possible improvements.

The loading speed of the web is essential

As we have seen, web performance optimization WPO or web loading speed is an essential factor in the SEO positioning of the current web. The user looks for speed and the search engines have understood it, therefore, the pages with a faster load climb positions. Applying various WPO techniques will allow us to leapfrog and overtake some of our competitors.