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7 essential gadgets for your office

7 essential gadgets for your office

Upgrade your office with premium technology products. Protect your phone with leather mobile cases – θήκες κινητών – and other essential gadgets.

Whether you work from the company office or from the comfort of your own home, design your office in a functional way for your daily life. As the hours we spend in the office are long enough, make sure you are equipped with the right gadgets that will help you work efficiently. In the list below you will find peripherals for the computer or laptop, accessories for the office and gadgets for the smartphone or tablet.

1. Wireless Mouse

The most essential accessories for your computer are the keyboard and the mouse. Make sure you get the ones that will make your daily life easier, such as a Wireless Mouse, ideal for left-handers and right-handers. It has an ergonomic design and connects easily and quickly to a laptop or desktop using Bluetooth 4.0.

2. Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard

An Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard is the ideal solution for your office setup, with enhanced keys and a modern design. To never run out of USB ports equipped with USB-C Hub. With three USB 3.0 ports, one USB Type-C port, one Type-C PD port, HDMI 4K, Ethernet port and Micro SD / SD card Reader, it will definitely meet your needs.

3. Curve Riser

A screen stand seems to be a necessary accessory for the office. The Curve Riser display base offers comfort while at the same time giving style to the space. It is a functional solution allowing you to create extra space in your office, thanks to the extra storage space it has.

4. Eco-Leather DeskMate

On the other hand, an Eco-Leather DeskMate protects the desk from scratches, while its large and soft surface can be used as a mouse pad.

5. Lamp Ellipse

Provide adequate and adequate lighting with a Light Strip Touch Desk Lamp and a Lamp Ellipse, offering comfort while working.

6. Base Station

No one wants to see the battery level of their mobile or smartwatch low. The Base Station is the ideal charger for iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch or any other Qi compatible device.

7. Aluminum Hinge Holder Foldable Stand

Buying a stand for mobile phone, tablet or laptop will help you work efficiently and relaxed. Invest in the right base such as an Aluminum Hinge Holder Foldable Stand and the Rain Design mStand Tablet Plus for all Tablets for an optimal viewing experience.

Equip yourself with all the essential gadgets for your office and mobile cases from Thikishop.gr.

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