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Everything you need to know about painting your home

Painting a house is the best way to renovate your space and increase its value. In addition, a professional and careful painting will turn your home into a warm and pleasant environment. In fact, combining the interior with the exterior painting the final result will impress you.

Why choose home interior painting?

With the interior painting of a house, you have the ability to transform your space immediately and economically. The right choice of colors can drastically help improve your mood and psychology while at the same time it will make your home look vibrant, clean and tidy.

In addition, painting is one of the most important parts of a renovation and maintenance. If the cost of a total renovation seems high for the present time, with the oil painting of your walls you can repair any signs of moisture, mold and damage and give a modern aesthetic.

Why choose exterior house painting?

The exterior of the house is what your guests see first. Proper exterior house painting can enhance the aesthetic presence of your home and at the same time increase its value in case you are interested in selling or renting it.

How often should a house be painted?

The frequency of painting a house, both internally and externally depends on many different factors. The most important of them is the area where it is located in combination with the weather conditions – climatic conditions that prevail. A general rule is that the painting should be done before 5 years. However, if due to the area the humidity is inevitable during the winter period, it would be good to paint every year and specifically in summer.

What is the process of interior painting and how long does it take?

The painting process always starts with the visit of the workshop to your place. If it is a residential area, then its preparation must be done with special care. In particular, our specialized workshop will take care to cover all surfaces and furniture so that they are kept intact.

Then, a detailed check will be made on whether repair – repair of damage to the masonry is required. Something quite common in places that show humidity. In fact, in addition to the repair of these points, the installation of special materials will contribute to the future protection of the wall.

The choice of colors is the next and a very important step. Of course we are not only referring to the shade you will choose, which is also the one that will renew your space, but also to the quality of the colors. Choosing high quality branded colors is also the best way for guaranteed results that will last over time.

Finally, the oil painting of all the walls begins with the use of the appropriate equipment which will ensure a smooth painting without gaps and two colors. Whether it is interior or exterior painting, the company can take care of the ideal result.

House painting costs

The cost of painting a house is not always fixed as it depends on the type of colors you choose, the square footage and whether it is exterior or interior.

Watch out for color combinations

However, no matter how much you study the magazines, you will not find exactly what you are looking for. No photo will have exactly the same colors of furniture, carpets and decorations.

So the next step is to study the combinations better. The color wheel shows you which colors are complementary, which are contrasting and which do not match at all.

The rule says that there should be complementary shades in the space, but at the same time a contrast should be achieved that better highlights the decoration.

Get inspired by magazines

Perhaps the most demanding step in painting a house is to choose the right color for each room. There are the lucky ones who know in advance what color they want to paint their space. Most of us, however, are somewhat lost in the beginning and do not know where to start.

The solution is to start looking at professional photos from decorating magazines. There you will get a first idea of ​​how the colors look on the walls, how they tie in with the furniture and how they contrast.

Thus, you will be able to come up with some basic compositions depending on the furniture you have, the size of the room and the amount of light.

Choose the color shade

Once you have reached the colors, it is the turn of the choice of shade. Whether it will be darker or brighter depends on your taste, the color of the furniture and of course the size of the living room.

In a small living room, it is good to choose lighter shades. It is good, however, to have a contrast with your furniture. So, if these are light in color, then you can go for a slightly darker shade. This does not need to be done on all the walls, but it can be done on just one, so that there is contrast and the space does not weigh too much.

Definitely, the painter should first paint a small part of the wall, to see how the paint really looks in your space.

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